Job Applications 04/23 - 07/18

I was much better about this last summer, but I’m going to start posting all the job applications I write each week.  I’m not going to include the links to the job ads though because they get taken down really fast and it’s a pain.

  • Seneca College - Learning Support Officer
  • McMaster University - Health Sciences Librarian (1st round interview)
  • McMaster University - Education Liaison Librarian
  • UOIT - Health Sciences Librarian
  • Ryerson University - Copyright Librarian (rejection email)
  • University of Toronto - Copyright Outreach Librarian
  • 1UP Media - Front-end Developer
  • McMaster University - Academic Advisor



I was asked to design a book cover for a collection of writings about the work of Siegfried Engelmann, the education researcher and founder of the Direct Instruction method of teaching. We chose to use sophisticated typography, appropriate for the academic subject matter while incorporating…



Grundfos Dormitory CEBRA

"One of Grundfos Dormitory’s remarkable characteristics is providing student housings in the heart of Aarhus’ new harbour front development – that is, a low cost residential building on a very attractive site.

To reinforce the primary purpose of the building, which is to provide a place for students to live while they study, the project works with vertical stripes as a metaphor for books. From afar this makes the building look like books on a shelf, while close up it resembles a condensed micro Manhattan with bundles of small towers. Each ‘tower’ is treated differently both inside and out with varying materials and window openings. This creates a variety of living accommodation, suitable for singles, couples or friends living together.

The ‘towers’ are placed on the perimeter of the site establishing an open inner space that uses a simple design strategy to create an atrium with attractive functional as well as spectacular aesthetic qualities. The individual apartments are reached from balconies, which are encasing the 12-story atrium with mirror clad balcony fronts. The mirrors are transforming the sense of space by expanding the relatively narrow atrium with endless kaleidoscopic reflections of itself and the people moving through it.”

I am afraid of heights and a huge atrium like that lined with mirrors would probably make me puke… but it’s an interesting idea.

Now what if the library did something similar for their budget? Note that the people involved weren’t allowed to set the WHOLE budget, they brainstormed some projects and chose from them the most important.  Why have librarians choose whether buying new chairs or a book scanner is more important?